Rad Raven

About The Artist

Rad Raven

Rad Raven, owner of GLOW INK is a talented artist with a strong foundation in a variety of mediums, including gouache, oil, fabric paint, charcoal, pencil, and digital art. She decided to follow her passion for art and creativity by pursuing a career in cosmetic tattooing.

Rad started as an artist, graphic designer, and web developer. She has a strong eye for detail and is very meticulous due to her extensive experience in art and graphic design. Many people describe her as a perfectionist, but in this nature of work, it is a great quality to possess. She focuses on fine details like these to enhance YOUR transformation and make you feel like a NEW person every time you look in the mirror.

Upgrading her skills, changing people lives, and sharing her knowledge and passion with others are the main goals to Rad. Through every procedure, she is committed to helping people, and helping YOU.

The goal is to support you in becoming the person you aspire to be, guiding you through the decision-making process, and providing fresh options and solutions. Then stand back and enjoy your transformation. Together we will put it all together to enhance the best YOU! GLOW INK is there to support and guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

GLOW INK takes pride not only in the visual transformation but also in boosting your self-esteem and taking years off your appearance. Nobody should lack confidence, especially with the availability of mild to almost pain-free treatments available at your fingertips.

Why choose GLOW INK?

At GLOW INK, we pride ourselves on addressing the individual needs of each client while eliminating any concerns and/or questions. We take the time to get to know our clients personally while transforming their dreams into reality. We understand how each treatment changes the lives of not only those who receive treatment but all those around them.

Self-confidence every time you look in the mirror is more powerful than you think!